• Hopebots

    • About US

      The Hope robotics (Hopebots) is a team of 7-8th graders of Hope PRCS.

    • Current Project

      We answered our problem “How to improve the way someone learns to play a stringed instrument” by making a bowguide out of six wheels to ensure that the bow stays completely straight. We also created a prototype of a guitar that would help a person hit the correct notes, by putting little LED lights in the guitar neck. This helps the student by making sure they hit the correct notes at the correct time. We also have an idea on an app that will, if a wrong note is hit, become red, have a frowny face, and make a buzzing sound. If the note is on-pitch the screen will be green, a smiley face, and no sound.

    • Blog

      Check out the Hopebots blog for updates.