Music and Band

  • Elementary Music

    Music instruction begins in kindergarten at Hope School. The children learn to sing a variety of different songs and Psalter numbers and to play rhythm band instruments. Toward the end of the year, they perform in the Kindergarten Program, where they praise their heavenly Father with the songs they have learned throughout the year.

    In 1st through 3rd grades, all students participate in the elementary music curriculum. Mrs. Deb Kuiper and Mrs. Mindy Bleyenberg teach these children the fundamentals of rhythm and counting on many different instruments. They also develop the ability to sing on pitch and in parts. In May, the students give an Elementary Music Program to showcase their abilities.

    In the 4th grade, all children are taught how to play the recorder. They begin with some simple melodies and end up playing more elaborate pieces by the end of the school year. They perform in a program at the end of the year along with the beginning band.

  • Band

    In 5th grade, all interested students may participate in beginner band. In this class, which meets three days a week, students are taught how to play a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument. Parents have the option of purchasing an instrument or renting from the school for an annual fee. Over the course of the year, the children learn rhythm, notation, technique, and the ability to play in an ensemble of their fellow students. They give a program with the 4th grade recorders at the end of the year.

    Junior high band is offered to all interested 6th through 8th grade students. This band also meets three days per week and focuses almost entirely on ensemble development and more advanced techniques. Students are expected to work individually on their parts outside of class and to turn in weekly playing assignments to show their progress. The junior high band performs in three concerts every year and participates in the band festival in February and the solo-ensemble festival in March.

  • Choir

    Beginning in the 4th grade, all Hope School students sing in choir. The intermediate choir is composed of grades 4 through 6 and meets once per week to learn various hymns and Psalter numbers. This choir performs at the All School Program each year and also sings for special occasions, at rest homes, and a biennial choir festival with our other schools.

    All 7th and 8th graders participate in the junior high choir. This choir meets twice a week and learns more advanced choral arrangements of hymns and Psalter numbers. The junior high choir sings at the All School Program, two additional concerts, and graduation exercises.

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