• Curriculum Overview

    Hope School is a kindergarten through eighth grade school divided into two types of classrooms.  The kindergarten through sixth grade classrooms are self-contained with one teacher primarily responsible for all instruction.  The seventh through eighth grades are departmentalized with teachers working primarily in areas of special training.

    The curriculum is very traditional with emphasis on mastery of the tools of learning, “the three R’s” and the acquisition of a basic core of information and knowledge.  Along with these skills and knowledge, the curriculum is designed to develop the application and use of these skills in all areas of life and study.  The teaching and curriculum are guided by the Bible and the Reformed Creeds, which form the basis of all instruction in Hope Protestant Reformed Christian School.

    Music instruction occupies an important place in the curriculum throughout all grade levels.  Devotional singing, using The Psalter as the primary songbook, is an important element in morning devotions in every classroom.  Already in kindergarten, students are encouraged to sing joyfully and are also given instrumental experiences in a rhythm band.  Our elementary music program provides students in first through third grades the opportunity to learn the fundamental elements of both vocal and instrumental music.  This instruction is built on in grades four through eight.  Mandatory vocal instruction is given in our fourth through sixth grade choir and a seventh and eighth grade choir.  All students in fourth grade receive one semester of instrumental instruction in the use of the recorder.  Instrumental instruction beyond fourth grade is a voluntary program in which students are given the opportunity to participate in a fifth grade beginners’ band and a sixth through eighth grade advanced band.

    Art and physical education are included in the curriculum for all grades.  Instructional materials produced by the Reformed Free Publishing Association and Federation of Protestant Reformed Schools are used to guide the instruction in these subjects.

    Hope School offers academic assistance to students who experience academic challenges and learning difficulties.  Our Discovery Program emphasizes early academic intervention to identify and assist students in the lower elementary grades, especially in the important areas of reading and math skills.  Those students who need additional help in the ascending grades may be placed in a small group setting for a particular subject or be given assistance during their study halls.  In addition to our Discovery Program, a team of volunteers tutor students in reading through our Reading Together program.